2Tarts Bakery and Catering

How sweet it is!

When the women at 2Tarts decided to open a bakery in the heart of downtown New Braunfels, they knew they needed all the right ingredients - including marketing help from 50 Foot Marketing & Design.


2Tarts Bakery & Catering was created in 2010 when sisters April and Ashley decided to combine forces – one had attended cooking school and the other was trained in the fine arts. But they knew that two high-energy, creative personalities would need more than great cakes to get a business off the ground: they could make the most creative comestibles imaginable, but if no one in town knew they had set up shop, it all would be for naught.


First and foremost, the shop needed a logo. We designed a logo that reflects the personality of April and Ashley – a tart with a fun, creative topping in the shape of a 2. Then, we used the logo as a springboard for developing signage, T-shirts, business cards, order forms and other collateral.

After building the basics including photography, we designed an eye-catching website. The colors and design of the website mirror the logo and personality of the brick-and-mortar shop. To add excitement to the site, we created a sliding one-page design with jquery and CSS coding. We also included a number of special, fun features – there are click and drag items, as well as pop-ups that appear when you scroll over some of the images.

To finish up the overall branding we printed business cards, large photos for the back wall of the shop, t-shirts for the employees, and marketing materials to promote the shop and catering.

50 Foot continues to work with 2Tarts to help them spread the word about their new bakery.
These business cards are a set of 4. Each employee has their own bakery item picture. On this card, we put a spot UV on the sprinkles of the cupcake, and on the logos. We also added a silk laminate for an extra soft feel, that would make anyone not want to miss place this card.
T-Shirts were printed on American Apparel brand t-shirt for ext softness and comfort. 2 designs created, these shirts are worn by employees and fans.
These stickers are created to easily brand anything, including little ones that come through the store. It has never been easier to brand your store with something that is so easy to stick on anthing.