Lone Star Bakery

Being the largest custom commercial bakery in the country with a 100+

year history is pretty impressive.

Even more so when you consider the company is being run by a third generation. But what happens when no one outside the company knows it? It's hard to work day after day at a job if you feel like you get no respect for it. That feeling is exacerbated if you feel your work is making someone else more successful, with no acknowledgement of your contribution. Imagine making lots of "someone's" successful with no recognition.


Lone Star Bakery is the quintessential "nose to the grindstone" kind of company that has spent 130 years becoming the best at what they do. In 2009, the "Chief Baking Officer" realized that Lone Star was working with, and turning out products for, all the biggest names in the industry, but yet didn't seem to be getting any respect for its position in that same industry. While being "invisible" wasn't effecting the bottom line directly, it began to diminish employee moral. The company had only a simple website that was rarely used. The sales team was relying on collateral that had been cobbled together over the years, all of which was designed "on the fly" by various team members through the years. By 2009, they realized that with four separate audiences keeping them busy (foodservice, in-store bakery/deli, chain restaurant, co-packing) they had to turn to outside help to keep up. They contacted 50 Foot to discuss the revamping of the website. By the time the first meeting was over, 50 Foot had been asked to whip up an entire branding and marketing program for the bakery. Of course we had the perfect recipe for success.


This program, which is still underway, began where all good branding programs do - at the beginning. We tweaked the existing logo of the bakery (too expensive to change the logo on the building!), and created a new logo for the bakery's newest offering - its own brand, called Miss Emma's. We also created a clever tagline for the bakery that reflects its story: History in the Baking. From that point, our plan was to establish Ideals and Standards for Branding. We determined fonts and colors for each brand, and then worked closely with Lone Star Bakery owners and sales staff to create the history of each brand, its mission, promise, position and personality. We then began to shoot all new photography of the bakery's products, manufacturing locations and select employees. We incorporated those photos as well as lively copy points into the design of brand new catalogues that 50 Foot will print in early 2010. We also are designing and writing copy for sales sheets that will specifically meet the needs of the sales staff. In addition, the logos, photos and copy are being incorporated into a fresh, new website design that will reposition the Lone Star Bakery as a contemporary company with a proven history. In the Spring of 2010, 50 Foot will launch an extensive print PR and advertising campaign to introduce the "new" Lone Star Bakery to its peers, and increase its visibility in the marketplace. And finally, Lone Star Bakery employees will get some respect.

A complete line of sales sheets for every Lone Star Bakery and Miss Emma's product was developed. The sales sheets are used to present to potential clients, sell to current clients, and educate Sales Force. Each product series has an overall sales sheet for the complete line and then individual sales sheets for when a specific product is asked for or suggested. The Sales team can mix and match the fronts and backs to create the perfect sales tool or presentation for the client, be it a grocery store chains or a co-packing client.
POP materials have been created for the fried pie line. These table tents can easily be changed to fit the needs of clients, such as restaurants, and used to sell products at the distributor level as well. Poster of this line have been awarded by Graphic Design USA magazine.