Seidlitz Education

Giving Kids the Gift Of Academic Language

Educator/writer John Seidlitz wanted to redesign his teaching workbooks in order to help them "jump off the shelf." Little did he know that contacting 50 Foot would help him turn the page on his entire business.


Back in 1998, the Texas Education Agency adopted second language acquisition standards for English Language Learners (ELLs). Those standards required educators to implement teaching methods that encouraged ELLs to excel at language proficiency. In December 2007, revised standards were introduced - the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS). Those standards now require educators to integrate ELPS into each subject of the required curriculum.
John Seidlitz, using the name Canter Press, had developed training conferences, written a series of workbooks, and created other tools to help teachers meet those Texas Education Agency standards. 50 Foot knew that redesigning book covers was just the beginning.


Because John's entrepreneurial spirit is strong, he was constantly thinking of new ways to help teachers help kids. We wanted to help him focus his ideas and energy into a streamlined business that would thrive. We encouraged him to create more of a generic name for his business, under which he will be able to grow and expand and develop a reputation for products beyond publications.
A brainstorming session resulted in a new business name, as well as a tagline. For the new "Seidlitz Education: Giving Kids the Gift Of Academic Language," 50 Foot has created a new logo, built a website holding page in anticipation of a new website, and redesigned a number of book covers. Going forward, 50 Foot will design the inside of the books, as well as the covers.
As a result, Texas teachers will be exposed to more visually exciting workbooks, and they'll be able to obtain information about conferences and other helpful teaching tools.

The ELPS Flip Chart was is the newest signature of Seidlitz education. With it's unique design, teachers will be able to track their ELL's students easily during school. Thus allowing students better individual care, and better teaching methods.
The RTI accordion fold out creates an easy to use resource that helps teachers differentiate the special needs of students.
The Seidlitz Education logo with the tag line.  A simple illustration created to help others understand the meaning behind the logo when introduced it to the industry.