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Mr.Bird Quality Seed Products

50 Foot created a responsive website that allows consumers and retailers to learn about Mr.Bird's Quality Seed products. One step further, Mr. Bird can communicate with different levels of retailers through their logins and allow them to order directly online, a major enhancement over faxing.

HMT Engineering

As one of the top 100 fastest growing Aggie owned companies, HMT was ready for an upgraded website that displayed their top talents and services. Responsive and mobile ready, potential clients can search through their portfolio of high quality work in the office, or on the go during a meeting. Enhance SEO puts them at the top of searches and displays of community involvement put them on the top of lists of companies to work with and for.

McAdoo's Seafood Co.

Responsive and Fresh is how McAdoo's likes their websites and their Fish. This site allows them to manage their calendar of events, content and keep their menus up-to-date. With Search Engine Optimization for New Braunfels, McAdoo's Seafood Company sees impressive numbers both on the Web and in the Restaurant. New photography and graphics are implemented in all their branding ensuring fresh content and visuals.

Lone Star Bakery

In addition, the logos, photos and copy a new website design was created that will help reposition the Lone Star Bakery as a contemporary company with a proven history. The CMS back-end makes it easy for the company to update products and information. Customers can stroll through the website with strategic mapping design or use the search tool that easily allows one to find the information they need.


After building the basics, we designed an eye-catching website. The colors and design of the website mirror the logo and personality of the brick-and-mortar shop. To add excitement to the site, we created a sliding one-page design with jquery and CSS coding. We also included a number of special, fun features - there are click and drag items, as well as pop-ups that appear when you scroll over some of the images.

Braman Brands

4 websites in 1 with a consistent e-commerce running through it, that is how we do it in Texas. Efficient design and functionality with several brands under the Braman name, why should you have 4 different checkouts? This website was built on a Joomla content management system for client management as well as Light speed for on location selling and keeping all inventory online and in shop correct and consistent.

Faust Brewing Company

The website was created with the most up-to-date technology and Search Engine Optimized for the best potential customer and best possible user experience. With no Flash content to inhibit user accessibility, the sliding graphics and push/pull beer taps make the website fun and available on any type of device. It truly is a masterpiece of design that will attract any beer lover, microbrew aficionado, and destination brewery seeker.


Finding the best CPA in town just got easy. The new responsive design allows users to engage with ADKF on all mobile smart phones, tablets, laptops and full size desktop computers. Search Engine Optimization ensures you find them on the web. The mobile navigation allows you to find directions from your location or call them with one click.

The NB Scene

With the population of New Braunfels growing by leaps and bounds, it was only a matter of time before some smart cookie had the idea to start an online magazine devoted to the who, what, where, and when of local happenings. They knew content was king, but they needed a cool, hip website to draw people to the content. 50 Foot created a site that does exactly what they need. Now, with the click of a mouse, visitors can find out how to shop, play and stay in New Braunfels.

Heidelberg Lodges

Reserving a spot never got easier while using ReZovations software for this secret retreat among this private section of Comal River. We designed a lifestyle branded website directed toward the very clientele that enjoy staying at the lodges - folks who like to be next to nature. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the Comal river without all the fuss. We chose bold, vintage pictures to display the transformation that starts the moment you step on the property - relaxation.

New Braunfels
Parks Foundation

New Braunfels is growing fast and so is their parks. With 33 parks and counting the Parks Foundation (A non-profit that helps support the enhancements of New Braunfels Parks) needed a website that could grow to. The new website allows the foundation to keep folks up to date on events, fundraisers, donation opportunities and more.

Faust Hotel and Brewing Company

To bring the public to the new-and-improved hotel and brewpub, and entice it to sample all of the wonderful ales it had to offer, they needed a total rebranding concept that would reflect the style, ambience, and the beer, food, and accommodations that they now had to offer.

The 50 Foot Website

Experience the difference between templates and award winning designers! Our designers and programmers collaborate to provide you with websites that wow your clients while efficiently managing your business from the most basic to e-commerce development.

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The 50 Foot Difference

All of the websites that 50 Foot creates are from scratch and totally unique. We do not use templates. Every site we do is created to not only look good and target your customer, but to work great and be able to grow. The last thing you want is someone going to your site, becoming frustrated, and hitting the "back" button to check out your competitor.

We create all of our websites to the most recent web standards, and for use on any internet surfing program (Yes, there is more than just Internet Explorer).

We also do our research. Of the current websites we host 80% are visited by people with their screens set at 1042 x 768 screen resolution. What does this mean? if you ask me to make your site bigger than that, 80% of the population will not be able to see your site in it's entirety. This is just one of the examples of research we use to create the most user-friendly site.
We test all out sites on several different screen sizes and resolutions to ensure the mass population gets the best from your website.