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Liberated from California, Vinted in the Republic of Texas

Heath Vineyards is an Owner's club for Grape Creek Vineyards. The grapes are grown in the renown AVA of Paso Robles, then vinted in Fredericksburg, Tx, for an exceptional wine. The terroir of Paso Robles is what makes a perfect wine made from a perfect grape. Unparalleled hillside terroir featuring perfectly suited soil and dramatic daily temperature swings that support excellent fruit maturity lead to a rich, intense flavor and aroma in these wines.


Modern, Elevated Design
Complements Initial Brand Line
Symbolize characteristics special to the wine
"H" Monogram
We are very happy with them and their work. Their eye for presentation is excellent and they have a great sense for the younger market as well.
- Owner, Grape Creek Vineyards

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